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Every time I come back to delete this blog, I find over 100 hits per month. Guess I better keep it up as a warning at least to other unsuspecting individuals, looking for answers and solutions to a heart-rending situation.

This time it’s over 200 more hits in two months. Incredible.

18 hits just yesterday. Total 1,739 hits so far.

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I have come so far personally to be able to accept and understand that some people need “time to be alone” to come to their senses, or to see things with a different eye, or even hold fast to whatever injuries or anger that bind them.


Yet I can still feel the love and acceptance and caring that I have for him that will never end. I also realized that the love binds a mother to a son, regardless of the acceptance or rejection from the child you have carried, born and cared for all their life, that too never ends. At least not for me.

Any divorce or cutting of the cord is never easy and never will be, but a mother’s love will never die. Most mothers, that is, and at least a mother who had love to give, to begin with. I know what it’s like to NOT have a mother’s love and I swore I would NEVER be that way, and I haven’t and I won’t. I will always be ready to accept him back with open arms, should he decide to come back our way.

I will always wish the best for my son and his family, whichever or however he chooses to live his life. Grace be upon him and God keep him in His care.


Time has not lessened the desire to have reconciliation and apologies offered, and hopes for positive relationships, but until both sides want this nothing can be achieved. But hope keeps us alive and one day, in this world or the next, I hope to see this achieved. No forgiveness is required from my end since I firmly believe that everyone has the right to choose how they wish to live and who they wish to live with. But love is always waiting and ready to be shared.


Gracias, Amen.