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Shoot! I just read a comment from an online friend who has given me quite a bit of support when these shots and arrows have come… but it seems to have disappeared. It was from “Jannelle” I think or a spelling like that – my memory is so bad, she may have simply mentioned this name, but I hope she knows who she is. It was a wonderful comment that meant a lot to me. In any event, feel free to come back!

I hardly ever post here anymore, and didn’t even see the comment that was left from you that I approved, and I replied but can’t find any of it now. Hope you kept a copy somewhere! And thanks for the support. It’s always needed and such a good reminder that when people are hostile and mean, it’s NOT MY FAULT.

No, it’s THEIR BEHAVIOR and all I can do is step away and pray for them and pray for me, and FIRST & FOREMOST PROTECT MYSELF. Just by moving out of range and giving them wide berth, all will be well. They will find someone else to try to torture and play with using their weird and cruel mind games and just calling names. It’s sick and it’s sorry but I don’t have to be a part of it. I can just step away and still stand up for myself – hence this blog! But I will be laughing from the sidelines, happy and free.

That’s really the best feeling in the world, isn’t it?