My goodness! I didn’t realize that some of the lunatics from the P.E.A.C.E. site were stalking my small blog. You wouldn’t believe the name calling, ranting and raving, calling  me “hateful and spiteful” because “they have never had any trouble with this group” and on and on and on. I actually *almost* had to laugh. As if their experience has anything to do with mine. We are seeing Mental Illness in person. But it’s not funny in the least. In these cases, it’s spiteful and cruel and oh-so-damaging. I feel sorry for the adult children and other family members that have to do with people like this for the rest of their lives. No wonder “no contact” is sometimes the only way to go.

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Thank God I approve all comments and I don’t approve any. Except this one because it is so funny! Thanks to bp74, below…

bp74 commented on P.E.A.C.E site Founder on Daily Strength

Just in case you have a problem on this site as I unfortunately did, and cannot get any help you may want to contact Daily …

Sorry, Catherine, but I’ve gotten into it on the new DS with Sue, aka igaveupnowwhat, and they seem to think I’m you!. Boy, they sure don’t like to be exposed, do they?

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bp74, Thank you for your comment – I just now saw it! Sorry it took me so long. I had to laugh when you wrote and said that “they seem to think I am you!”

So changing the site hasn’t changed anything at all. Different horse, same riders. What a shame for everyone coming there looking for real help. The treatment they may receive could cause someone to commit suicide one day; that’s how dangerous these people really are.

IGaveUpNowWhat seems to be a raving bipolar lunatic, along with some of the other admins. Why people allow bullies like those admins to run the show is beyond me.

The founder is one of the worst, since he pretends to “be in charge” when in fact he is something akin to a garbage collector and has no power or control at all. Just over this lunacy group. It’s no wonder some of them are estranged from every single family member and adult children… can you imagine having to live with this every single day?

The P.E.A.C.E. site is scary because it’s run by crazies like that. You should see some of the hateful comments I have been getting, which I do not publish. That must burn them up! Why are they wasting time telling me off, someone they have never met, don’t know, and never will? Why do they care so much?

I don’t usually publish any comments, just to protect people and myself, even though this one I will publish. It needs to be known. These people need to be exposed for what they are and how dangerous and destructive their group is, especially to people who are hurting and want resolution and looking for help.

I think I will post MY response tonight as another entry on the blog [and here it is].

Thanks for letting me know I’m not the crazy one. You should see the hate mail I’ve been getting via comments they are leaving, which I don’t publish which then makes them even angrier. It’s a wild world they live in; sounds like the depths of hell. I *almost* feel sorry for them, but then I don’t.

Thanks again, Catherine Todd