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  • It’s at • 920 hits, so at least now I will see if the mosquitos and wasps have returned.

I hope not, but if they do, we have bug spray and a fly swatter! Just like when Beyonce’s group decides to pounce. Hah!

I hope not, as I’d like to be able to maintain this blog in peace, about my own experiences. They go their way and I go mine. But sometimes people don’t want to do that; they want to control everything in the conversation. They want to promote a false front to the world.

Well, that won’t happen here. This is my blog and my face and my experience and that all comes to create my experience. Mine, not yours. So stay on your side of the street and I’ll stay on mine.

Adios! And I’m still here. And once again, I am asking you negative entities, to LEAVE ME ALONE. It’s too much fun to fight back and you really don’t want to tangle with me again.