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… I gave it a try while I was gone, but I’m new to WordPress so not sure I did. Now I hope this blog is back online.


I never fail to be amazed at how defensive, hostile and threatening some people become the minute they think they are being exposed to the TRUTH about who and what they are, even when it comes to posting their own comments and threats IN THEIR OWN WORDS online. If they make them privately, why shouldn’t they want them to be publicly known?


What is the difference to them?


I thought the Devil was proud of who and what he/she is and how he/she behaves. Or are these people too irrational for that?


The truth always comes out, sooner or later. With some master manipulators it can take longer than others, but eventually even they will fail to hide their black and darkened soul and all sides of one’s personality will show. What do they think they will gain by attempting a coverup of their sinful faults and cruelty to the world? Eventually everyone will see through them, so why try to hide it?

If you want to have followers, why not try to change one’s own behavior the teeniest tinyest bit to give people REASON to love you?

I don’t try to hide my faults; how can I? I’m not perfect but I am truthful.

It’s enough for me.

How about you?


I would suggest stop attacking me on my blog and tend to your own. That should be enough for anyone. I hope it is for you. Life would be easier if we each stayed in our own backyard. But bullies have to realize that one day someone is going to stand up to you, and that someone is me. And whoever else has finally “had enough” to say STOP. ENOUGH.