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Just in case you have a problem on this site as I unfortunately did, and cannot get any help you may want to contact Daily Strength directly [July 2016 update: the P.E.A.C.E. site is no longer on Daily Strength]. Here is the contact information for the founder Mr. Clair Coleman for the site for estranged parents called “P.E.A.C.E.” on DailyStrenght.com. He and many of the admins do little to nothing to actually “help” outside of causing plenty of drama and conflict. Yet this founder, who is a maintenance / garbage man, states he has “everything under control” at all times and is “keeping the membership safe.” What a joke!

He, along with other moderators, should be reported if he fails to act honestly and appropriately (homemetry). Report these people if you are stalked and threatened as I was, for posting hate-filled emails I had received FROM THESE PEOPLE.

Apparently some people don’t like being EXPOSED. I was attacked and threatened for publishing the founder’s email address (no name or address), so at this point I felt it might be important to publish full contact information in case anyone else goes through what I have gone through. Law Enforcement can help!

It’s sad & it’s sick that this is a site for “safe place for estranged parents,” but with the horrendous behavior I have seen ~ when the curtain is withdrawn ! it’s not hard to tell why.

The P.E.A.C.E. site on Daily Strength is a very dysfunctional forum. Good luck to those who have received some help there; many of the members themselves are very good people, but the founder and admins that are still hanging around, complaining and blaming their own adult estranged children have brought it on themselves. Then they pass their own anger and conflicts onto people who are lured into coming there for help and support.

This is a very sick forum. It starts out well and says all the right things. But Beware. Things can change very quickly, like a sudden storm turns into a hurricane. I’m sure if these people had to post their real names and addresses, they might think twice before attacking others. One day people will not be able to hide on the internet, trolling, scamming and attacking at will. I will be very glad for that. But in the meantime, please let me know any information you receive about who these anonymous individuals are. Exposure is often the only way for people to keep themselves in line.

Until then, be careful when you enter there. The hearts and roses may not last long.

Clair Coleman. no hat.jpg  Clair Coleman. cowboy hat.jpg
Clair Coleman [CC on Daily Strength]


  • Age 57 (approximate age in 2015)
  • 913 Eastwood St, Holmen, WI 54636
  • 4+ Social Networks

Occupation: Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance Occupations
Education: High school graduate
Ethnic: Caucasian
Email: cc54636@hotmail.com

913 Eastwood St, Holmen, WI 54636.png

  • 913 Eastwood St, Holmen, WI 54636

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UPDATE 31 July 2016: ‘UNFAIR’

I have received a complaint about how “unfair” and “wrong” it is of me to post a photo of C.C., the founder of the P.E.A.C.E. site, and his contact information which is readily available on the internet. Yet here is the photo that he posts on his site! How can this be “unfair?” Perhaps he likes this picture better? It’s the one he posts himself on his forum. Nothing “unfair” about reposting it, along with all other publicly available information.

Here you go!
CC, founder  and admin at P.E.A.C.E. site.jpeg


Pulling the Curtain Back in the Land of Oz, 7/28/15

The founder, Clair Coleman (CC), says “Don’t worry, he’s got everything under control” and “he’s keeping the membership safe from bad apples [like me].”  What a foolish statement to make. What does he have “under control?” They can’t get rid of published facts from the statements they have made. CC can’t stop anyone from publishing his email address (and why would he want to? What does he have to hide? His own children are estranged from him, so what does he care?)… None of them have been able to have my blog shut down, and they haven’t been able to “destroy my business” which is Fair Trade and supports some of the poorest people in the world… or do anything else they’ve threatened to do. They can ban people left and right but it doesn’t stop anyone from coming back on to the site. They don’t control much of anything, outside of deleting people’s posts and temporarily banning people. Doesn’t mean much, really, outside of their own little banana republic they think they “control.”

I have asked a number of people why these people are so angry at having one email exchange printed, which was in their own words. And that was without any identifying email addresses or names at the time. It was an email I received that clearly showed how difficult and dangerous these moderators can be and are. These people scared the beejeezus out of me, when I realized how endemic, systemic and entrenched this viciousness and refusal to even consider resolution instead of conflict. How could a site like this be of any good in resolving family estrangements?  And yet I was lured in.

I was horrified by what I read. And it was public knowledge, having been sent to all the moderators and to Daily Strength itself. But now that I make it public I am Public Enemy Number 1, and there are big “thank you’s” and kowtowing on bended knee, to the great Pretender, who is manipulating them all behind the curtain with his controls. It’s unbelievable. And everyone eats it up as they pat each other on the back, yet they all remain estranged. Do they care so little about their own children, which is what this site is supposed to be about? Apparently not. It’s heartbreaking if it wasn’t so sadistic and cruel.

But why did they care, when no one was actually named? And why did they consider this to be “dangerous to the site” and “dangerous to the membership?”

It was explained to me that I had “pulled the curtain back” and exposed these people for who and what they really were. If the “membership” knew who they were really dealing with, they would run for the hills as soon as they could! Instead, the moderators ban or delete posts they don’t like, again using the excuse of “protecting the membership.”

And the poor members, who come there so innocently, seeking solace in a world of hurt, think they are being helped and supported, when in fact they only receive this “help” when they kow-tow to hatred and cruelty.

Witness the moderator IGaveUpNowWhat’s rant about how much she “hates her ex” and how “karma’s going to bite his a$%^” and everyone chimed in, supporting her ugly hurtful and hateful words. This is the father of her three children – whom she calls “idiots” and worse – who have also estranged her. 

Is there any wonder why this has all happened to her? Doesn’t anyone in this group even wonder why? And the members who contributed to the cheering squad saying “hang him high! Tar and feather him! Run him out of town!” – what kind of people are they?Did they never once thought that maybe they were only hearing one side… maybe there was a good reason her husband divorced her and her three children left too? None of this occurred to any of them? 

Do they have such a cult mentality they cannot see their own actions, behaviors and minds? Is the Internet and this website their own little fiefdom where they rule without morals or conscience, and it’s “Off with her head” when the Wicked Witch appears? Is CC, the founder, the little short fat man manipulating the controls behind the curtain, and everyone “respects” and fears him at all times? And people think these moderators have some kind of power to scapegoat anyone and everyone who displeases them at any time, with no outside powers greater than their own? CC says he is “keeping their site safe for the members” but what kind of safety is offered to the people that the moderators hate and despise (their own words, not mine). What will happen when IGaveUp’s ex-husband sees what she has written about him? It’s becoming easier and easier to identify people regardless of their false, assumed screen names.

This group is going to be in for a very rude awakening at some future point in time. Their IP addresses can and are being identified “as we speak,” and their own addresses will be known. Internet bullying, threats, slander and libel is against the law, even if these people think they live in a world where they make “all the rules.” No, it’s not quite like that.

Our government is greater than you. Our legal system protects individuals like me from people like you. What you are doing is illegal and soon enough you will stand in court and have to explain yourselves to a judge, in a court of law. I can’t wait to see how you try to manipulate the judge and the lawyers the way you have been able to mentally manipulate the membership of Daily Strength. It will be laughable, to say the least, and expensive on your end.

So now that I have “seen for myself, with my own eyes” what other people were sending me about these moderators and what they were writing about me: calling me “garbage” and more… can you imagine what it must have been like to have grown up with this kind of mentality? This kind of severe personality disorders since you were a very young child, who couldn’t possibly protect, defend or understand a mother or father that you wanted nothing more than to love you, to treat you so bad?

Oh, it’s the children I feel sorry for, no matter what their age. Youngsters or Adults, they all deserve our kindest words and endless compassion. I have no idea how any of them can ever get over what has obviously been done to them, but the ones who have come across my blog have thanked me from the bottom of their hearts.

I hope that seeing that whatever harm has been done to them can be erased or eased a little bit by reading these words, that it’s “not their fault” and peace can be found. I wish them well and I ask God to forgive these moderators on the PEACE and PWWA sites, on Daily Strength, as we have to say as Jesus did:

“Forgive them Lord, they know not what they do.” Or even if they do.

And give them wide berth.

I don’t go to church, or I would surely begin a prayer group for these demons from hell. Demons = Destructive Personalities, for they surely are one and the same.

Dear God protect us all and save us from the tortures of the disordered minds, that live in their own “parallel universe” and keep us safe and sound.

Gracias, Amen.

And no one can complain about my own little prayer to my Higher Power here on my own blog!